Travelmanager Online Booking Software

Online booking software

Travelmanager is the online booking software for ship, bus, train and airline.

With Travelmanager software you work and book online and offline intuitively and securely. The software includes unique functions and exclusive features.

Booking and control

Book tickets in 3 seconds - Sell a ticket in a flash and work so efficiently in stationary sales.

Fast boarding with the TicketApp software you check a booking via the QR code with the device camera in less than a second - even with a big rush the boarding of the bookings goes in a short time.

Graphical disposition of the online booking software Travelmanager
Mockup TicketApp

Online booking with Travelmanager booking software includes a top! rated booking screen, which is used to book available tickets quickly and efficiently.

The booking is optimized for online use with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and allows you to complete a booking and make a secure payment within a short time.

Booking software and online ticketing

Passengers and you not only save time with the online ticket, but it is also a sustainable solution.

Ticketing with Travelmanager booking software is easy. Conveniently, your customers book online tickets directly through your website and pay securely and digitally.

The passenger shows his ticket digitally when boarding, e.g. in the content of the e-mail, in the wallet or as a PDF file.

Online booking system Travelmanager on all devices
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