Ticketing with Travelmanager booking software

Easily create your own ticket prices and fares.

Tariffs and fares

You can use Travelmanager to store and map your own ticket prices and fares for line management. All special prices, discounts and surcharges are calculated and displayed for each fare.

Online ticket

You and your clients not only save time with online ticketing, but it's also convenient for both parties. Ticketing with Travelmanager booking software is easy. Conveniently, your customers can book online tickets directly from your website and pay online. The customer can show his ticket digitally or print it out himself and take it on board. We also offer tickets that the customer can store directly in his Apple Wallet. 

Mobile ticket

The Travelmanager software was specially developed for shipping companies, shipping and ferry operators and covers all business processes that arise. The software includes a clear booking mask, which is used to book the available lines and combination tickets quickly and efficiently.

Ticketing at the point of sale

The Travelmanager software includes a tool for printing tickets directly and quickly on a ticket printer and an online ticket module. The online tickets can be checked for validity on board using special software.

Online tickets are printed out by sales outlets such as agencies and directly by customers who have booked online. To check the online ticket directly for validity, there is a QR or barcode on it, which is scanned when entering the ship and automatically checked for validity.

Combitickets combine a ticket with another service or entrance ticket, for example a visit to a museum, a meal voucher and much more. The combination ticket partners can view the capacity utilization via their own login, Travelmanager software communicates with other reservation systems to check capacity, e.g. hotel, car rental, etc....

The Travelmanager software includes a mobile application, the TicketApp, with which tickets are sold on the go and checked for validity. In addition, a pax list can be created.

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