Top rated online booking!

Simply generate additional sales. Integrate online booking for your ticketing on the website as easy as child's play and benefit from the online booking perfected over many years.

Fully responsive - Works perfectly with all devices

The Travelmanager software includes a clearly arranged booking mask, which is used to book the available lines and combination tickets quickly and efficiently.

The online booking can be output optimized for use with mobile devices, such as smartphones. The field alignment and viewport are adapted for the reduced resolution on smartphones.

  • Quickly find the departure and destination points
  • Specification of persons, extras, additions, equipment features and bookability in the line
  • Selection of combination elements such as train ride, museum visit, etc.
  • Communicate with other reservation systems to check capacity, e.g. hotel, car rental, etc....
  • Selection of special actions
  • Different tariffs and currencies
  • Different payment methods
  • Live verification of credit card data
  • Online tickets
  • Reminder function
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