Customer monitor for stationary sales

With the KassaDisplay App you can mirror your shopping cart of the TicketApp for the customer. 

Here's how it works:

  • You need an IOS device on which you can run the Travelmanager TicketApp installed.

  • You need a second IOS device on which you can run the KassaDisplay App installed.

  • The two devices must be connected to each other:

    1. start the apps on the devices, in the
    TicketApp select in the lower menu "More" then "Settings"

    2. scroll down until you reach the item "Connect to POS display". Now all available POS displays ( IOS devices with opened KassaDisplay App) are displayed.

    3. now select the desired device.


    4. as soon as an active connection is established, you will see it on both devices.

Here's how it works:

  •  Under the menu item Booking you select the trip and the items the customer wants to book, then you put them in the shopping cart.


  • All bookings and items you have in the shopping cart are shown to the customer in the checkout display.

  • After a completed sale, you can directly make the next booking.  



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