General information about setting up IOS

  • TicketApp is an app for handling ticket control and entering bookings with the Travelmanager reservation system.
  • The TicketApp can be installed and used on an iPhone, iPad and iPod. 
  • You don't have to be online to use the app fully, the app is fully usable in both online mode and offline mode. 
  • All the data you record with the app is cached and then transferred to your Travelmanager software account.

Fuse protection of the device

Set restrictions

The restrictions are activated in the settings of the device.

  • Call settings
  • Go to screen time
  • Click there restrictions
  • Screen time - enter code (xxx)
  • Set or remove the check mark for restrictions

Guided access

To secure the device, you should enable guided access.

  • Start the app once and activate the camera once from the menu → select a trip under Paxlist and click on the camera icon
  • Next, open the "Settings" on your device. There you select "Operating aids" > "Guided access".  
  • Activate "Guided access
  • Tap on "Code settings", then on "Set code for guided access". 
  • Now you can set a 4-digit code and confirm it with the same code
  • In the TicketApp options, you set that the device may also be switched off
  • Then enter a code, and then repeat it. From here, you can also enable Face ID or Touch ID as a way to end a session in Guided Access  

More hints

Save energy

To save energy, the background services can be deactivated in the settings menu of the Travelmanager app.

  • Open settings
  • Switch to the app
  • And there remove the checkmark from "Background update

Using WLAN and mobile network in parallel

To get the fastest possible connection, WLAN and Mobile Network can be activated in parallel on an iPhone with SIM card.

  • Call settings
  • Activate WLAN
  • Call mobile network
  • Activate "WLAN support" (at the very bottom after the apps).
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