Quotas for price types

In the line management you can define the quotas per relation for each price type.

Example: What is a relation?

Ship sails from A via B to C.

There are 3 relations here:

  1. From A to B.
  2. From A to C.
  3. From B to C.

With our "Contingent for price types per relation" you can for example run a 1EUR promotion. 

You can now define in the line management that you have 5 tickets for the "Relation from A to B" for the price type "1EUR ticket" and 10 tickets for the "Relation from B to C".


Attachment in Travel Manager:

First you need to create your new price types under "System" "System parameters" "Customers" "Price type".


Now you can add these price types to your line in the line management. 

In the line, go to the "More settings" tap and open your price type.


Here you can now define the contingents for each price type individually. 

The Relation Code is generated in the booking mask by selecting the outward journey and then clicking on "URL Preview" at the bottom left.


First choose your relation.

Go to the end of the booking screen.


Select "URL Preview" at the bottom left

Here you can find your relation code for the selected relation.

Now store this relation code in your price types in the line management. 

For exactly one day: 

Here we define that on 20.01.2023 on this relation 5 tickets are available at this price type.


For a period of time:

Here we define that in the period 21.01.2023-31.01.2023 on this relation 5 tickets per day are available at this price type. But only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


This is how it is displayed in the booking screen. 


Example relation code for one day:


Example Relation Code for a period only on the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

(Weekdays as number, 1 is Monday to 7 Sunday.)




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