Add fuel surcharge quickly

In your backend, go to the menu item "System" "System parameters" and select "Line" "Add-on". Here you can now create a new addition, for example diesel surcharge.
Create addition

Line management:

Then go to the line management, select a line and store the addition on the first Properties page.

Here you add the addition as usual.
Add addition

Under the tab "Booking rules" "Extras" you define for which relations the diesel surcharge should be added.

In the Timetable tab, you can define the departure times at which the surcharge should be active.
By clicking on this icon you can activate the surcharge for all trips at once.
for all trips

Using the "Traffic days" "Wizard" "Extra/Supplements" tab, select the period and the trips and the days on which the diesel surcharge should be available.

In the "Additional settings" tab "Extras/Additions

Define that the addition is a "mandatory item" and select "Only selectable on outbound trip".
Outbound only

Under the menu item "Administration" "Special prices".
Extras" tab

Define the prices for the respective line, relation and price type.
Special Presie Extras

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